Record Tracklist

  1. Present Moment -:-- / 09:47
  2. OzPal -:-- / 05:52
  3. Expectation -:-- / 05:37
  4. Permanent Diversion Part I -:-- / 08:41
  5. Nunu -:-- / 04:15
  6. Belong -:-- / 08:50
  7. Retrogression -:-- / 08:25
  8. No Return -:-- / 04:03
  9. Permanent Diversion Part II -:-- / 05:15
  10. Encrucijada -:-- / 02:10
  11. Belong (Alternate Take) -:-- / 08:23

“There’s an inviting coherence, a confection of melody that harkens at first back to hard-bop, and then ahead to a distinct futuristic sound.” ★★★★½ – DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

Pianist Gabriel Guerrero leads a team through a collection of well constructed originals. There is a rich elegance to much of the work, with “Present Moment.” The leader goes dark on “Nunu” and classy around Lecaros for “Expectation”. The solos fit into the charts like colorful pieces of a mosaic, as do all the songs that make this album feel like a complete holistic creation.
George Harris, JAZZ WEEKLY

“Really enjoyed listening to Gabriel Guerrero’s new album Equilibrio. The compositions are all deeply personal and very accomplished, and everyone in the band is playing at a very high level. Greatly Recommended”.
MIGUEL ZENON (Grammy Award Winner)

“Still water runs deep is how I hear his music. It is the music of today. The recording sounds like everyone is on the same page. Mystical lines and rhythms expressed in heartfelt expression. A must listen!!!”


Gabriel Guerrero – piano
Seth Trachy – sax
Will Slater – bass
Felix Lecaros – drums
Fung Chern Hwei – strings (9)
Guillermo Barrón – percussion (10)

All songs by Gabriel Guerrero
Published by Gabriel Guerrero Music ASCAP
© 2023 Gabriel Guerrero Music All Rights Reserved

Produced by Gabriel Guerrero
Associate producer: Sandra Lopez-Monsalve
Mixed & mastered by Dave Darlington
at Bass Hit Recording, New York
Cover art by David Guerrero
Cover design & layout by John Bishop
© 2023 Origin Records