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Welcome to my lessons page! I have successfully helped numerous students in their musical journey. Whether it’s mastering basic piano skills or exploring their own style through composing and improvisation, I have guided many students to reach their goals. My teaching approach involves working closely with each student, building upon their existing strengths and developing new ones. I cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced musicians. I understand that every student has their own unique needs, and I am committed to creating a personalized lesson plan for each one.
My piano lessons cover a diverse range of genres, including Jazz, classical, popular, blues, and Latin. I also focus on piano techniques, posture, and effective practice routines. Additionally, I offer classes on various subjects, suitable for both piano and non-piano students:

  • Improvisation: intervallic, hexatonic, pentatonic, motivic development, blues
  • Composition & Arranging
  • Theory & Harmony
  • Sight reading
  • Ear Training
  • Ensemble & comping
  • Rhythm covering Jazz, African, South American, Afro-Cuban
  • Taubman Technique / Alexander Technique
  • Music school admission / audition preparation

For years, I have been teaching both piano and non-piano students. I am proud to share that some of them have been accepted into prestigious Jazz programs at renowned institutions like The New School, Berklee College of Music, The New England Conservatory, and City College of New York, with a few even receiving scholarships. My private lessons are offered in the Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, and New York areas, as well as on Zoom and through pre-recorded sessions. To learn more and schedule a lesson, please do not hesitate to contact me HERE.

Aside from being an active performer/composer and recording artist, Gabriel Guerrero has been teaching for more than 25 years. A classically trained pianist since age five, Gabriel holds a Bachelor and Masters Degrees from The New England Conservatory of Music. His teachers include Charlie Banacos, Jerry Bergonzi, Danilo Perez, Steve Lacy Fred Hersch, Bob Moses, James Moody among others.
Gabriel is Currently is a faculty member of The New York Jazz Academy, in addition he has taught and done clinics in several Universities such as Frost School of Music at University of Miami, The New England Conservatory of Music, Berklee College of Music, Berklee Global Jazz Institute, The Piano School of New York City, Queens Performing Arts Conservatory, IAJE Jazz Convention New York, We Bop! Jazz at Lincoln Center, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music in INDIA, Universidad EAFIT, Universidad Industrial de Santander, in Colombia as well as his private studio in Boston and New York for the last 25 years.

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Libby Johnson
Libby Johnson
11:25 03 Jun 24
Gabriel is a wonderful teacher, my son took lessons with him while in high school and now, post-college, is still inspired by and practices what he learned from Gabriel. I highly recommend Gabriel!
03:07 16 May 24
Mr. Guerrero is such a wonderful teacher. I’ve been working with him for around two months, and he has helped me make so much progress and has been uplifting and supportive consistently!
Noorhan Ibraheem
Noorhan Ibraheem
03:53 09 May 24
Gabriel is such an incredible teacher! He meets you exactly where you’re at and tailors his approach based on how you learn best. I’m personally more interested in learning to play jazz and right from the beginning he made that a priority rather than focusing on traditional classical pieces. I’ve loved taking lessons with him and recommend lessons with Gabriel for piano players at any level!
Christina Picciano
Christina Picciano
03:53 29 Apr 24
Gabriel is a blessing to this 50 year old amateur! He is patient and kind. He gives me simple tasks to refine my skills at home. My lessons are personalized and he understands what my end goal is. I’m hoping, with his help, to be playing Christmas music for the family this next holiday season!
U Colon
U Colon
03:21 04 Mar 24
A good friend, great teacher and incredible performer/composer. Helped me a lot when I needed to improve my harmonic and melodic knowledge. Highly recommend him if you want to improve your musicianship.
Alex Grunde
Alex Grunde
23:38 25 Feb 24
Gabriel does an excellent job of working with his clients’ current skill levels and strengthening their weaknesses. I came in with good theory knowledge but poor mechanics and in only a couple months his lessons have made noticeable improvements in my playing.
18:16 02 Dec 23
Not all brilliant pianists are good teachers. Gabriel is the rare combination of both.I cannot recommend him enough for lessons. Whether you’re looking to learn jazz or classical, beginner or advanced—you’re in great hands with Gabriel.
Yuri N
Yuri N
23:17 17 Jul 23
Gabriel has a unique ability to find songs and pieces that fit my skill level and interest, and yet have the continuity of the curriculum across all of them.So he avoids the trap of having me study off of a single, published piano course (which could be generic and somewhat boring), which is what many piano teachers will do.Other piano teachers will let you pick your favorite songs, and you will have fun but not improve.Gabriel has a thoughtful curriculum in mind, and it is logical, progressive, custom-designed for me, with every new song building on what we already learned.That is high quality stuff, very rare!
Ursula Nigrelli
Ursula Nigrelli
16:07 11 Mar 23
I’ve known Gabe for a number of years. I’ve known him in the capacity of a piano teacher. He is patient and thoughtful. We played challenging and beautiful compositions. I’ve also hired Gabe for personal events where he has played the piano for entertainment. He is an extraordinary musician.
John Coppola
John Coppola
14:37 09 Feb 23
I’ve been taking lessons with Gabriel for several months and it’s been a great journey so far. He’s clearly a deeply experienced teacher and player who’s passionate about his craft and I’ve made solid progress in a reasonable amount of time. I especially like how he’s willing to accommodate whatever you’re most interested in learning (e.g classical, sight reading, jazz, music theory, etc.) Also, his rates are competitive and he’s flexible with scheduling hours. Highly recommended.
Victor Lepri
Victor Lepri
23:58 08 Feb 23
Gabriel is a very inspiring professor that can cover technical and music aspects from fundamentals to advanced interpretation techniques. He not only helped me prepare for a master’s degree recital in jazz but also inspired me on continuing my music career.I highly recommend his classes!
22:31 29 Apr 22
Gabriel is a great piano teacher. I’ve finally found someone who is willing to work with me in a way that makes sense. He’s patient, kind, and takes the time to understand what might help me work through my blind spots. I’m an adult learner with very little spare time, so it’s slow going for me, but I absolutely look forward to my lessons and what lies ahead in the weeks and months to come. I do recommend him highly.
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More Testimonials

“What you showed me opened up lots of jazz songs to me, and you gave me a lot of technical tools. As a teacher you were patient and helpful, I learned a lot!” – Mason

“Studying with Gabriel has been a great experience. He is a tremendously exceptional piano player and very knowledgeable musician; with a great understanding of swing, classical music and various Latin American styles. I have been studying piano/jazz/composition with Gabriel for some time now, and have learned a lot and feel I have made a big amount progress. He does a great job of explaining everything clearly, and pays great attention to detail and musicality. He is also very honest and will tell you what you should improve on and always encourage you to try harder. Gabriel has helped me prepare for numerous auditions to several competitive music schools I applied to, and with the help of his mentoring I have been lucky enough to be accepted to all of them.” Mike

“Gabriel is so committed, confident, and truly recognizes and understands his every student’s needs, like in my case…as a student of improvisation. He really motivates and guides me with my search, and puts me in the right path in reaching my music goals in no time.” – Artie

“You’re a great music educator and an impressive pianist. I’m glad I can continue my music journey and education with you. Thank you.” – Charles G.

“I have been studying jazz piano with Gabriel for over a year now. He has the uncanny ability to zero in on just what I need to work on and will give me drills and exercises I need to bring that up to speed. It can be a line or a lick to learn in all keys with appropriate comping. Or it can be a Bach invention to develop technique and the independence of the hands. I always have come away from a lesson with something that I can apply at my next performance or gig. That is very satisfying and a great way to learn. No matter what I bring in to the lesson, he has something to add that leads to improvement. ” – Henry S.

“Gabriel has deep knowledge of music theory across many genres and these many influences are audible in his compositions. As an instructor he is able to adapt his style and teach both creatively and technically depending on the student and material. I would recommend Gabriel to students of any level looking for world class instruction.” – Brian

“Gabriel Guerrero is an enigma, like a Zen master. He’s humble and understated, with deep ideas about music. He intuitively comes up with simple suggestions, exercises, and conceptual ideas that trigger breakthroughs in my playing. I don’t know how he does it. He’s helpful with mechanics and theory, but he doesn’t let that dominate. He’ll push me slightly outside my comfort zone, and that’s where the magic happens. There’s no textbook, no roadmap. He won’t “make” me better. I have to do the work, and let him guide. It’s a process. The result so far is that my improvisation feels much more fluid, and I can better express what I want to say. I’m happy to continue the journey.” – Charles N.

“Just started few lessons with Gabriel and I must say his lessons are wide eye-opening, it gave me to hear and know the possibilities in music, very inspiring!” – Davis L.