~ Music can be viewed from many different perspectives, and sounds and colors can change abruptly or take unexpected directions. Music from the past can always be brought back to life with the magic of recording. The natural randomness of nature and the universe is QUΔΠTUM’s view of the power of music. Through musical solos and compositions, QUΔΠTUM gives justice to each unique moment and reveals the power of improvisation. ~

QUΔΠTUM started in New York in 2015 with monthly residency shows at Terraza 7, one of New York’s most innovative music venues. In 2019, Gabriel Guerrero and QUΔΠTUM were awarded a “New Work Grant” by the New York Department of Cultural Affairs and the City of New York to record QUΔΠTUM’s album “Equilibrio”.


Few Chilean jazz musicians have, at such a young age, become soloists deemed as essential listening among their peers as drummer Félix Lecaros has, since the beginning of the decade. Based in New York City, Felix is a first call drummer in the
demanding New York scene. Felix has participated in more than 45 records. Felix had performed in Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Jamaica, Nassau, United States, Sweden, Haiti, Canada, Spain, England, Poland, South Korea, and China. He has participated in jam sessions and concerts with international musicians such as Wynton Marsalis, Danilo Pérez, Arnie Lawrence, Sheryl Bailey, Stanley Clarke, Bruce Barth, Mike Stern, Dennis Chambers.

SETH TRACHY – saxophone

Seth Trach is a Brooklyn based Saxophonist. His debut album Zygmon, featuring Mcarthur fellow Miguel Zenon was released on Ropeadope records in 2019.

As a co-leader Seth has released albums featuring Steve Cardenas and Kenny Werner. In addition, he has performed or recorded with Chop and Quench (the Fela! band), Peter Bernstein, Henry Cole, David Douglas, Clarence Penn, Etienne Charles and Jonathon Maron.

Seth grew up in the rural Appalachian Mountains and fell in love with black American music through his father’s record collection. This led to his taking up the saxophone and attending William Patterson University on full scholarship. He has since been investigating musical forms from across the African diaspora, including through arranging Baka pygmy music for his quartet Zygmon, studying Ashanti drumming in Ghana, and playing with Afro-Latino and gospel musicians.



Will Slater, a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, is an in-demand bassist, performing regularly in New York and New England. Will has performed / recorded with Jerry Bergonzi, George Garzone, Peter Bernstein, Anthony Wonsey, Bruce Barth, Kenny Werner, Terri Lyne Carrington, Dayna Stephens, David Schnitter, Yoron Israel, Jeb Patton, Tommy Campbell, Joe Hunt, Bob Moses, Kimberly Thompson, Yoko Miwa, Melissa Aldana, Joe Magnarelli, Mark Guiliana, Rudy Royston, Jeff Hershfield, Gabriel Guerrero, Tim Miller, Phil Grenadier, Rob Schniederman, Greg Hopkins, Leo Genovese, and many other artists.